Yes, that?s the book for me…

I have recently been reading in I Samuel and the Psalms using the daily bible reading program at (Go check it out – I love it!). I’ve been learning a lot while reading about the exploits of Samuel, Saul and David; such as: I need to trust God even when I’m afraid, it’s normal to sometimes be afraid (especially when you have heavily armed men hunting you down to kill you!), good starts are easier than good finishes, big decisions apart from God’s counsel usually crash and burn, integrity is important and that God knows and cares about what is going on in my life. Nothing particularly new or profound; just important stuff that I need to be reminded of pretty regularly!


At the beginning of 2008 we handed out bible reading journals and I challenged you to get on a bible reading program, do some journaling and maybe set some reading goals. So, how are you doing? Maybe you haven’t been reading much lately… don’t get discouraged, don’t be wracked with guilt, just pick up your bible sometime today and start up again. Even a few minutes spent with God in his word can make a big difference. God is waiting to spend time with you – He loves you and wants to hang out!


How about you? Where are you reading in the Bible? What are you learning?