Pop Rocks!

My dad is awesome. I know full well that lots of people do not have a good relationship with their dad so I’m especially grateful for my pops. He’s coming on Sunday (Father’s day!!!!) for church and then a cook-out at my place.


?One of the things a love about him is that he is always interested in my life and is always supportive and encouraging. Back in the 80’s when Karen and I and our four little ankle-biters lived in Joliet, the same town as my folks, my dad would come to every one of my softball and basketball games. He’d be in the stands cheering every time! Picture it: I’m married; a father of four kids and my dad is still coming to all my games. I loved it too! It meant as much or more to me then as it did when I was a child! Even as an adult I value his attention and praise and he gives it freely. I thank God for my dad.


?How about you? What is one thing you appreciate about your dad? Post a brief comment on one thing your pops did right! Do it now!!!