Meeting Sarah

Hello! My name is Sarah Muller. I have been working here for about four weeks as the summer intern for the Children’s Ministry. I will be here till the end of summer and in the mean time I will be planning the Summer Sunday School curriculum for the kids ages k- 5th grade. This summer’s curriculum is all about Service. I am so excited to see the kids learn about serving God, family, friends, and their community. I will also be helping out with Halo Hoops Basketball Camp and Power Lab Day Camp, both in July!


I have loved getting to know all the different people here at ACC. Something I noticed right away was that the body of ACC is very diverse. There are various ages, culture groups, people in different circumstances, and no one looks or feels out of place. That is such a great characteristic about ACC; especially since the church that Christ has in mind has no limitations, requirements, or exclusions.


If I had to list of the spiritual gifts of ACC as a whole, I think I would say… hospitality, encouragement, servant-hood, and evangelism! Not bad qualities to have at all! Another joy of mine has been to meet and interact with the staff for all the various classrooms of the Children’s Ministry and the families of kids in ACC’s Children’s Ministry. During the service after check-in, I would hang around and try to get to know a few more faces and names, but conversations would never end at just that. By the end of a conversation with various ladies in the classrooms; we have exchanged passions, God moments, and especially smiles over the kids playing! The families have been such a blessing; and I must say are one of my greatest joys on a Sunday morning. It is clear that the parents here at ACC are raising children that will grow up to fear and love the Lord with all their heart and that is an amazing thing to watch; in big and small ways every week!
?Thank you so far for such a great welcome and I look forward to getting to know more of you. If you are part of the Children’s Ministry, a parent of a child in the ministry, or really anyone- let me know how I can help you this summer at ACC!