Hunting Buddies

Bill is my friend and my hunting connection. Without him I’d never go hunting. He knows the places to hunt, he know all the laws and regulations. He has all the gear – guns, ammo, clothing and a plethora of various hunting accessories and gadgets. He has the coolest hunting dog – a well trained, beautiful golden retriever named Chase. Bill has taken me and my son Micah hunting for over 14 years. This past Wednesday we went pheasant hunting. It was so much fun and brought back so many good memories of previous outings: meeting early for breakfast, tromping up and down fields with grass up to our chins, going through the woods and seeing a huge owl, the screech of a hawk, the cry of sand hill cranes noisily flying overhead, the smell of damp autumn leaves, the thrill of watching the dog work back and forth in search of a game bird.


It was a most excellent morning. And my heart was grateful – overflowing with thankfulness to God. For the incredible beauty of his created world, for a healthy body that allowed me to walk for hours and for long term, loyal, generous friends like Bill. God is good. I know that.