One Dozen Random Thoughts

1.?I really like To Kill A Mockingbird. I am currently reading it again – I bet I’ve read it 25 times.
?2.?My next book is The Courage To Be Protestant – comes highly recommended by a friend.
?3.?How did curling get to be an Olympic sport? Does anyone really understand the rules??
?4.?I am ready for spring – the snow is getting tiresome.
?5.?Today is my father’s 85th birthday. I respect him more than any man I have ever known. Happy Birthday pops!
?6.?I really need to improve my prayer life. I have become lazy, inattentive and disorganized with my prayers.
?7.?April 17 and September 1 – two days that I already know I’ll be sitting in Wrigley Field!
?8.?It is really hard to effectively coach 1st and 2nd grade boys in the game of basketball. Herding cats sounds easier.
?9.?I’m looking forward to going to Honduras April 24 – May 1 with the team from ACC. I wish I spoke Spanish though.
?10.?My recommendation for a most excellent restaurant for breakfast? Check out Rise and Dine ( ) on Milwaukee Avenue – just south off Dundee in Wheeling. They have awesome food and a great fireplace!
?11.?Christ is at work changing lives. I see it all over the place. It is exciting to watch. I need to pray more.
?12.?My wife got mad at me for sharing in my sermon yesterday that she can tie shoes with her toes. Oops! Now she’ll be upset that I blogged about her special talent.


That’s it. I’ll stop there.