Reasoning with God

I was recently struck by a verse in the book of Isaiah: “Come now, let us reason together, says the LORD” (1:18a). I have been thinking about what this means. God personally invites us to reason with him- that is, think logically and rationally and come to an agreement with him. This verse reminds me of two great attributes of God: He is merciful and personal.
In the passage, this reasoning involves seeing sin for what it is. Isaiah addresses people who have turned their backs on God. I do this daily. Many times daily. More times than I like to admit. However, God in his grace, wants me to see the devastating nature of sin, discontinue the behavior, and turn to him to live a new way through Christ.
What is reasonable? Basically, I deserve to be punished. However, the holy creator of the universe invites me to approach him. Thus, my logical, or reasonable, response should be repentance! There really are only two choices: continue sinning, which leads to more destruction and an increasingly calloused heart, or repent, which results in blessing.
I struggle with allowing “acceptable” sins and downplaying the gravity of sin. With God?s help, I want to seek to make confession and repentance a more regular part of my Christian walk. It is unreasonable to ignore, categorize, and continue in sin. I encourage you to think about God’s invitation to reason with him and think and live differently as a result.
Guest blogger: Allison Bies??