We want to be WARM!

Every church gives off a vibe…a certain “feel” that is very real though hard to measure in objective terms.It involves the health of the environment. The vibe we desire to give off as a church involves these 5 environmental values:??• Fun??• Warm??• Authentic??• Creative??• Participatory
Last week I jotted down a few thoughts about fun. Today lets focus on our desire to be WARM!
It goes by other names: a family feel – friendly – accepting – caring – open – We?ve labeled it warmth. It?s what gives people a good first impression of ACC – it?s what will get them to come back a 2nd time. It?s what gives regular attenders the confidence to invite their unchurched neighbors and co-workers. Warmth helps people feel comfortable – they lower their defenses and open up to the worship and the teaching of God?s word. It?s seen in all the animated conversations before and after the Sunday service in the lobby, auditorium, hallway and parking lot.
What can you do to actively contribute to the warmth of ACC? I?m glad you asked! Here are 10 ideas:
1. Initiate conversations – be the first one to say “Good morning!”.
2. Get out of your comfort zone – introduce yourself to people you don?t know.
3. Purposefully sit next to people who are sitting by themselves.??Arrive to church earlier than normal – for the purpose of just hanging out and talking with folks. So many rush in after the service has already started – that does NOT contribute to our warmth!
4. Smile!
5. Remember names – a very powerful tool! Once you learn a new name, jot it down in your bulletin – your retention rate will improve dramatically. Pull that bulletin out of your bible just before you enter church the next Sunday to do a quick name review – then look for that person and call them by name. It will blow them away!??6. Strategically float through the building looking for those standing by themselves – maybe looking lost, lonely or awkward – go up and engage them in conversation.
7. Don?t rush out immediately after the service – be intentional about sticking around and developing some relationships.
8. Smile!
9. Grab a cup of coffee (or water or lemonade) and hand it to someone who looks like they can use it!
10. Pray as you arrive each Sunday that God would use you to make others feel valued and loved. If each of us showed up on Sunday mornings with the mindset of desiring to bless rather than be blessed – that would be revolutionary to the body life of our church.
We want to be a warm church.
Can you help us further develop this value