We want to be AUTHENTIC!

Look up the word AUTHENTIC in the Merriam-Webster dictionary and this is what you will see:
AUTHENTIC: true to one?s own personality, spirit, or character
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Synonyms: bona fidecertifiablecertifieddinkum[Australian & New Zealand], echtgenuinehonestpukka(also pucka), realrightsure-enoughtrue, for real
Antonyms: boguscounterfeitfakefalsemockphony(also phoney), pseudoshamspurioussuppositious,supposititiousunauthenticunreal
That my friend describes quite well the environment you will find at ACC – the kind of people that are in abundance at ACC: genuine, real, what you see is what you get. I like the word UNPRETENTIOUS.
Being AUTHENTIC is one of our environmental values. The last two Mondays I’ve blogged some thoughts about being FUN and WARM. In the upcoming two weeks I’ll be focusing on us being CREATIVE and PARTICIPATORY. But today let’s focus on the importance of us being AUTHENTIC.
People in our society have become increasingly skeptical of religion in general and of churches in particular. They have their “baloney radar” up and running. Credibility is an issue for us. To try posturing ourselves as better than what we really are – is a huge mistake. We must own up to our inconsistencies, our dysfunction, and our hypocrisy. We are not perfect, we have not arrived. (Yet we must be diligent to be making progress in our Christ-likeness.)
I also think that it’s true that when a person walks into a church that values authenticity it gives them the freedom to own up to their own brokenness and face their own demons. They are infused with hope that change is possible, that they are not alone, that maybe they have indeed stumbled upon a community where they will be accepted rather than judged and criticized.
We must not wear masks. And we must not punish others when they refuse to wear a mask. To be our genuine self does not necessarily mean that we are happy or content with who we are – just that we are being honest – no pretense – no games.
It’s been said that if we share only strengths we create competition. When we share our weaknesses we create community. Creating such an atmosphere perpetuates further vulnerability and honesty – that’s where healing and deep relationships can begin.
We want to be a church that is authentic!
Let’s keep it real folks!

2 thoughts on “We want to be AUTHENTIC!

  1. Allison

    I like the blog?s new interface!
    I am challenged by these statements: “We must not wear masks. And we must not punish others when they refuse to wear a mask.”
    Definitely important characteristics of authentic human relationships.

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