We Want To Be Participatory!

Christianity is NOT a spectator sport. There is to be no bleachers. There is no bench. Everyone is on the field – everyone is to be in the game.
We are described as “God’s fellow workers”. (II Cor.6:1)
We have been told to faithfully use our giftedness to “serve others”. (I Pt.4:10)
We have been admonished “Do not neglect your gift…” (I Tim.4:14)
Therefore at ACC we are committed to the environmental value of being PARTICIPATORY.
We use a team approach to ministry – we freely dispense responsibilities and authority. We challenge people to find their niche and then serve wholeheartedly. We get new people at ACC involved sooner rather than later.
We know the effective functioning of the church depends on each person fulfilling their role: holding a baby in the nursery, listening to verses recited at Awana, teaching a kid to dribble at an Upward practice, leading a Growth Group, greeting folks at the door on a Sunday morning, stuffing the bulletins, praying with someone who is hurting, teaching the Middle school Sunday school class, stocking our food pantry or patching leaks on the roof.
We want to be a church that is PARTICIPATORY.
Come people! Get off the bench and into the game! We need you.