25 Reasons Why I am Grateful for ACC

1.       It’s very close to my house. (1.1 miles)
2.       We have a staff that loves God for real. They are in the ministry for all the right reasons. They are loyal, hardworking and fun! I love Carolyn, Kris, Chris, Jim and Scott.
3.       We have our own coffee mugs.
4.       We give away those coffee mugs to new people.
5.       Our people are exceedingly generous with their time, money and energy.
6.       Cool website.
7.       Perhaps the most unpretentious group of people I have ever met.
8.       A garbage can in nearly every room. Some rooms have two.
9.       Folks with sweet names like Eli, Beauton, Abner, Elena, Zoe, Kimie, Brion, Jedidiah and Anamite.
10.   Free coffee on Sunday mornings. Free.
11.   Packer fans and Bear fans live in relative harmony.
12.   Sox and Cubs fans don’t hate each other too much.
13.   Lots of new babies to hold.
14.   We got a gym that smells like a gym. (The way God intended it to be.)
15.   We got a team of elders that smell like elders. (The way God intended it to be.) These guys love us and provide some exemplary leadership; an atomic high-five to Dale, Ken, Jim, Jim, John and Ray.
16.   We got a Pit that smells like a pit. Seriously.
17.   Indoor plumbing.
18.   A warm, welcoming atmosphere.
19.   We got our own pens.
20.   We value fun.
21.   Very few incidents of rabies, psoriasis or problem dandruff.
22.   We have a true heart to reach the un-churched and help the needy.
23.   Soft, velvety offering bags.
24.   If you choose to walk into the auditorium on a Sunday morning and intentionally sit in a row that was roped off – you can do so and while you might get a quick, dirty look from an usher – they will not publicly chastise you or make you move.
25.   Two words: Lobby fireplace.
What on my list would make your list? What would you add
??Have a thankful Thanksgiving. God has blessed us with so much – the gift of Christ is definitely the best!