When the Load Gets Heavy

“Carry each other’s burdens…” Galatians 6:2
Just finished the podcast of Chris Modrzejewski teaching in Galatians 5. He did a great job pointing out that with freedom comes certain responsibilities. The apostle Paul goes on in chapter 6 to get specific on some of these duties that we have all have as Christ followers. We are charged to help each other out when life gets hard. That is what we are to do. And life gets hard pretty often!
Let me suggest some practical ways you can help when you see a brother or sister in Christ going through a difficult time…
•?Be a listening ear. Often a struggling person just needs to talk. So let them. Sit across from them – give them your undivided attention – ask good questions – and let them dump. Don’t feel like you need to solve their problem or come up with the perfect piece of advice – JUST Listen!
•?Send out encouraging words. Be it in person, phone, Facebook, Twitter, email or even a postcard – take the time and effort to reach out to them. Just let them know you care – and that you are praying. Often struggling people feel very isolated and lonely. Just to know someone is thinking about them can be a huge encouragement.
•?Invest in them. I’m talking about forking over some cash – to help pay a bill, to let them enjoy an evening at a restaurant or maybe bring a meal over to their home. If they have young children – offer them free babysitting so they can run errands, do some Christmas shopping or go out to enjoy a quiet cup of coffee.
No doubt you can think of many other ways to reach out.
Can you think of someone you know who has been carrying a heavy burden lately? Reach out to them – lighten their load – and thus fulfill the command of Christ to love one another!