He Ain?t Heavy…

Listen. Hug. Pray. Advise. Give.
Just a few of the myriad of ways you can fulfill the command of Galatians 6:2:
“Carry each other’s burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ.”
We have 48 communication cards from Sunday morning that indicate people seeking this week to be intentional in helping another person bear their burden. That is awesome. What a difference it could make in our church (and our school, neighborhood, work place, etc.) if we each had our radar up to identify the hurting around us and then do something to make their load even a little bit lighter.
To be a burden bearer takes love. It takes intentionality. It certainly takes an investment of time, energy – often even our material resources.
But it takes courage to ask for help with your burden. It takes wisdom and humility. So many walk around with overwhelming burdens and they suffer in silence. Is that you
?God wants you to be vulnerable enough to reach out to someone else when you need help. Make a phone call. Jot off an email. Schedule a cup of coffee with a friend. Just reach out. There are plenty of people around you who love you – who really do care. Allow others to serve you. This is how the church is supposed to function!