Sunday morning we wrapped up our 11 week teaching series on the book of Galatians. “Jesus Plus Nothing” taught us the powerful truth that we are justified by faith alone in Christ alone.
Lets find out how much you retained! Go ahead – take the quiz below and see how you do. Feel free to use any sermon notes you still have in your bible.
The answers are at the bottom of the quiz so be sure to not cheat! We are on the honor system. Grade your own quiz and then if you have the nerve – leave a comment sharing with me your score. Have fun and try not to sprain your brain!
1. Galatians was written by:
A. Barnabus
B. Peter
C. Paul
D. Jude
2. It was written at about:
A. 25 BC.
B. 48 AD.
C. 100 AD
D. 1960 AD.
3. The primary doctrine taught in Galatians is:
A. The Law of Moses is obsolete
B. The inerrancy of Scripture
C. Justification by faith
D. Sanctification by the Spirit
4. Where was Paul traveling to when he was converted?
A. Jerusalem
B. Ephesus
C. Damascus
D. Wheeling
5. To be justified means:
A. To be declared righteous
B. To  defend yourself
C. To stop feeling guilty
D. To find your inner child
6. The Judaizers were:
A. An extremist Jewish sect within the church
B . Jerusalem’s minor league hockey team
C. Followers of the apostle Jude within the church
D. Ultra-liberal do-gooders within the church
7. The Judaizers taught that to be a real Christian you must:
A. Get baptized
B. Get  persecuted
C. Get circumcised
D. Get jiggy
8. Paul illustrated the difference between the Law and the Promise by comparing:
A. Sarah and Hagar
B. Sarah and Rachel
C. Sarah and Hannah
D. Hagar and Ruth
9. Who does Paul publicly confront because of his hypocrisy and racism?
A. Barnabus
B. Titus
C. Peter
D. James
10. Paul claimed that he was made an apostle by:
A. The Jerusalem Council
B. Peter
C. Abraham
D. Jesus Christ
11. People of faith are the true children of:
A. Paul
B. Abraham
C. Moses
D. Jerusalem
12. To boast in the cross (most closely) means to:
A. Obsess
B. Obfuscate
C. Trust
D. Feel good
13. What son represented the child of promise (faith)?
A. Ichabod
B. Isaac
C. Ishmael
D. Iggy Pop
14. A primary purpose of the Law was to:
A. Reveal our sinfulness
B.  Show the steps to salvation
C.  Prove Moses was da man
D. Establish Jerusalem as the capital city of Israel
15. Paul often used terms and illustrations from the world of:
A. Astronomy
B. Quantum physics
C.  Sports
D. Diesel mechanics
Answers: 1 – C, 2 – B, 3 – C, 4 – C, 5 – A, 6 – A, 7 – C, 8 – A, 9 – C, 10 – D, 11 – B,     12 – A, 13 – B, 14 – A, 15 – C.


  1. Donald Vaughn

    Got all correct but question #12. Thanks for helping us review??what we have learned.
    PS: I need some help in getting into the picture directory of ACC?? folks. What am I doing wrong?

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