Stepping Into the Blizzard!

I recently read of an incident in the life of American naturalist John Muir (1838-1914). John was with a friend deep in the Sierra Nevada Mountains when a monstrous blizzard hit. While they had a warm and safe cabin in which to find refuge – Muir did something pretty extraordinary. He bundled up, ventured outside, proceeded to find a high peak – and then he found the tallest Douglas fir and climbed to its very top. From this precarious vantage point he hung on for dear life – riding out the storm and experiencing every possible sight, sound, smell and feeling!!!
I love that!
But I fear that I almost always prefer the warm and safe instead of the adventurous, never-to-be-forgotten slice of life. I’m beginning to realize that life is too short to always stay in the cozy chair by the fire! I want do like Muir did – I want to experience life – the full effect of all that God has for me and ACC. That is what I want to be different for me in 2011.