Are you an iceberg?


??No…I?m not making a joke about the weather. Call me crazy, but I actually enjoy the winter.
I don?t know much about icebergs, but what I do know is that only about 10% of the actual iceberg is visible. The remaining 90% lies beneath the surface of the water. That?s the way a lot of us do life isn?t it? We go through life keeping the real ?me? hidden beneath the surface. We may smile and act like we?ve got it together, but on the inside, we may be struggling like crazy. It?s a risk to open up and let others know what?s really going on in your life…but, let me encourage you that it?s a risk worth taking! When we open up and talk about the things we keep hidden, healing can begin.
Starting this Sunday, Pastor Dave will be spending the next 4 Sundays talking about 4 different emotional problems that can DRAIN your spiritual life. I really hope you?ll join us for this series and that you?ll take the risk to open up to someone about what?s going on in your life.