A True American Hero

I just discovered that a hero of mine died last week. He was so humble and self-effacing that he had requested that news of his death not be released until after he was buried. So typical of Richard “Dick” Winters. the late historian Stephen Ambrose chronicled his military career during WW II in his best-selling book Band of Brothers – later made into an award winning HBO mini series.
You can read his obituary here:
I greatly admired him as a leader.
He led by example. He was out front – even when under withering enemy fire. He was courageous beyond my comprehension. He genuinely cared for the men under his charge. He was a man of integrity and high moral character and strong faith. He was humble. When once asked if he was a hero he replied, “No, but I served in a company of heroes.”
Wow. May God raise up men like him in this generation.