Last Sunday, our sermon topic was worry.  I worry occasionally but do not consider myself an excessive worrier.  Still, I was interested in hearing the message, thinking that I?d pick up some good tips to combat worry and be reminded of biblical truths on the subject.
The sermon (and whole service) was excellent, and I started the week feeling confident and ready to take on worry!
Fast forward a few days, and I found myself a victim of worry.  On Wednesday, a work-related situation consumed me for about 24 hours.  I did everything I knew to do: prayed, claimed Bible verses, reviewed my sermon notes, and sought the counsel of a trusted friend.  I still felt much “on edge,” slept fitfully, and gave in to worry.
A few days later, the situation has resolved itself, and thankfully had a good result.  However, I?ve been thinking about a few things.  First, if the result was NOT the one I wanted, would I still trust God and be at peace?  Second, I was reminded of the importance of being teachable.  Upon examining my heart, I realize that there was a part of me thinking that I was “above” worry.  I was humbled this week, being reminded of the fact that I can give in to worry just as much as anyone.
Finally, as I reflect on this experience, I still would do the same thing the next time I am tempted to worry.  Just because I pray, review verses, and talk to someone does not mean that an unsettled feeling will automatically go away.  I hope that I will trust in God in increasing measure instead of allowing my mind to race irrationally.
So my attitude for this coming Sunday?  I am ready to learn about anger and have a hunch that God will give me a chance to apply what I learn during the week.
Guest blogger: Allison Bies