Upward Games Begin

Tomorrow is the first day of games for our Upward Basketball and Cheerleading program. Players and coaches have been working hard for the past 3 weeks in preparation for this day. Upward provides an environment where each child can excel. It?s non-competitive and seeks to be a ministry as well as a sports program. Players receive equal play time and are matched up with an opponent of relatively equal ability. Our referees are a little more instructional than you?ll see in other leagues, so they take the time to explain their call to the players. We?ve also got a great group of coaches who really care about the holistic growth of their players. All this coupled with the life-changing message of Jesus Christ makes Upward Basketball and Cheerleading a ministry we are proud to support here at ACC. I hope you?ll stop in tomorrow to see a game and grab a bite to eat at our awesome concession stand. Games are played from 9am to 6pm and start on the hour.

One thought on “Upward Games Begin

  1. Dawn Anama

    I like how Upward has restructured the devotions this year to be more interactive. I know our girls really enjoyed the devotion time last night. Now they are all fired up and excited to perform for everyone!! Woo-Hoo! Upward has the spirit!! :)

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