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I Love Unfamiliar Faces!

ACC is growing! We are seeing God bring more and more families to 916 E. Hintz Rd. I love looking out at the congregation on Sunday mornings and seeing unfamiliar faces. That means that we are working toward our mission – we are reaching out – we are remaining outward focused. We have declared that the purpose of ACC is: To be a loving community where ordinary people experience the life-changing power of Jesus Christ. It is at the very heart of our mission to constantly seek to reach more and more people.
??With the growth is coming a mildly unpleasant claustrophobic feeling. In the auditorium. In the children’s ministry spaces. In the gym on Saturdays during Upward season. Even throughout the entire building on Wednesday nights when we have Awana, Coffee Hour and Teen Mother Choices all elbowing for available space.
Our facility is an incredible ministry tool. Our building allows us a place to reach out to others and grow together. But now lack of available ministry space is becoming an issue. So…will we do nothing and end up losing momentum or will we choose to do what it takes to make room for more young families that need Christ
?To this end we have recently entered into a formal partnership with Church Building Consultants. ( They will begin by helping us with a feasibility study – to determine our physical plant needs and possible space solutions.
Therefore we are currently forming a Building Vision Team. This will be a team of 5-7 dedicated men and women from ACC to dream big and help us discern what direction we need to pursue in order to assure we are true to our mission as a church. Please pray for the process as this team is assembled.
I am so excited! Our elders and staff understand that we must make room for more. Our congregation is consistently inviting their unchurched family, friends, co-workers and neighbors to experience ACC.
The coming months are going to be fun! I’ll keep you informed – be looking for more details soon!

We Want You!

I?ve had a couple meetings this week with some adults that are interested in joining the youth ministry team here at ACC. I love these kind of meetings for a 2 reasons??

  1. They energize me. It doesn?t matter what kind of day I?ve had, the chance to talk with someone about something that I love (youth ministry) is a great pick me up…the fact that it?s normally over a cup of coffee could play a factor here too ;)
  2. ???

  3. They encourage me. I love to see people seeking out where they fit in the body of Christ. God has called each of us to play a role in his church. He?s gifted us accordingly and it?s our job to find our niche. Even if the person doesn?t fit in the youth ministry, I?m encouraged by the fact that they are taking seriously their role in the church.
  4. ??

??So, how about you? Have you found your niche at ACC? There?s a lot of exciting things happening around here. I hope you?ll consider how you can get involved.
P.S. If you?re curious about whether or not the youth ministry would be a good fit for you, I?d LOVE to talk with you. I?ll even let you buy me a cup of coffee as we talk about it. Comment on this post or send me an email if you?re interested.

One Perfect Hero

I plucked this quote off of Twitter this past week:
“The Bible takes care to tarnish the character of almost every character but one: Jesus.” – Bryan Chapell
So true. And I love that.
You read through the Bible and quickly see that there were no perfect heroes – Noah, Abraham, Jacob, Moses, Samson, David, Solomon, Peter or Paul – pretty much every character is eventually exposed as being just like you and me – flawed.
The only person shown as flawless in every way is Jesus Christ – our perfect Savior! Our only fully reliable hero.
I’d say that’s the bees’ knees!

Life as a Porcupine

Confession: Sometimes I feel like a porcupine. I?d much rather be something cute and cuddly, but the truth is, sometimes I?m pretty prickly.
I?ve had to make some apologies this week. A quick tongue, a harsh tone, a carelessly placed word…I?ve hurt some people. In each and every situation I knew even as the words were leaving my mouth that I was wrong. The damage was already done and I had to make it right.
I?m so thankful for brothers and sisters in Christ that put into practice Colossians 3:13 Bear with each other and forgive whatever grievances you may have against one another. Forgive as the Lord forgave you.
Asking for and granting forgiveness is sign of healthy community. Wounds are inevitable when you?re dealing with wounded people…and we?re all wounded to some degree or another. Forgiveness is just part of the deal of living with porcupines.
So how about you? Do you need to make an apology? You never lose when you apologize.


Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about God being our Father. When Jesus taught us to pray he began, “Our Father…” The Apostles Creed starts with, “I believe in God, the Father Almighty…”
Random quick thoughts:??

  • While in college I worked in a youth ministry with kids from the hard-core ghetto. The majority of these kids had either a neglectful, perhaps abusive father or they had never even met their father. We had a difficult time teaching them the biblical concept of God being our Father. They didn’t get it.
  • ???

  • A few years ago I read a fascinating book by Paul C. Vitz – “Faith of the Fatherless”. His basic premise was that atheism is not primarily a spiritual or intellectual issue but rather an emotional issue. He detailed the fact that most all well-known atheists down through the centuries had an either neglectful, abusive or absent Father. In contrast – most renowned theists came from homes with an involved, loving father.
  • ???

  • From my many years as a youth pastor I witnessed firsthand the vital role the father plays in a teenager’s life. Those whose parents divorced or who had workaholic or emotionally distant father tended to struggle in their spiritual development. Those who did well in spite of their earthly dad clung to the belief that their Heavenly Father was everything that their earthly father was not.
  • ???

  • I myself had a very kind, loving, involved, humble dad. As a result I have always easily resonated with the idea of God being my Heavenly Father. I am so grateful for my dad and the legacy he left for me.
  • ???

  • I sometimes struggle with guilt over my mistakes and inadequacies as a father…I wonder how I may have tainted my children’s view of God…
  • ??

??I am very curious about your thoughts / observations on this topic…
What about you? How has your earthy Father helped or hindered your view of your Heavenly Father? How do you move past having an earthly dad that was less than ideal

Winter Retreat

What a week! The Blizzard of 2011 certainly turned out to be all it was forecast to be. Hopefully you?ve managed to dig out and resume somewhat of a normal schedule.
This weekend, the youth ministry team and I, will be taking a group of middle and high school students to Camp Awana in Fredonia, WI for a weekend retreat. We?re joining with several other youth ministries from the area for what should be an excellent trip. Our theme this year is One. We may be from different churches and schools, but we share:
One Story – the Gospel
One Hero – the Lord Jesus Christ
One Mission – to reach our world with the story of our hero
I?m so excited for this trip. We?ve got a great speaker and worship band joining us. The snow will make for some unforgettable outdoor activities. There?s a tangible sense of excitement among our students and adult leaders. We?re ready to encounter God and have a blast. Would you join us in praying for safety and for hearts open to what God wants to teach each us.