It is now 4:08PM on Monday. My day in the office is drawing to a close and I am absolutely amazed by my own thick-headedness. (Is that a word?)
After teaching yesterday morning on the story of Jesus with Mary and Martha in Luke 10, after teaching that our service must flow out of our relationship, after emphasizing that Mary chose the better thing by simply sitting at the feet of Jesus – you know what I did today
?I got here this morning and immediately began tackling my “to-do” list. I have been super busy all day! I was feeling so overwhelmed with everything that I had to do that I skipped taking time to saturate myself in His word, to listen for His voice in prayer, to practice His presence throughout my day.
So now, better late than never, I’m going to sit down out in the auditorium and sit at Jesus’ feet. I’m finally going to choose the better thing.