Upward Review

The 2011 Upward season wrapped up on Sunday, March 13 with an energetic Awards Program.  In addition to a highlight video, unicyclist, cheerleader performances, and door prize drawings, the afternoon featured a clear gospel presentation.  It was a great way to celebrate the seventh season of Upward Basketball and Cheerleading at ACC.
Our Leadership Team has received feedback from parents, coaches, and players from comment cards, verbally, and through email.  I’ve been reminded afresh what a great program Upward is for children and adults.  One mom told me that her son’s team did not win a game all season, but he had a wonderful experience and is already looking forward to next year.  From a secular standpoint, a “losing” season like this would be frustrating and start a flood of complaints.
I was also encouraged to hear from several coaches that they grew in faith throughout the season.  As they prepared for practice and taught verses to children, they learned valuable lessons themselves.
ACC would not be able to present Upward without the support, prayers, and hours of volunteer time from the entire church.  One of my favorite aspects of the ministry is how people with different gifts, interests, and abilities are able to serve.  For example, some dedicated an entire 9-hour Saturday to delivering half-time speeches.  Coaches prepared for and presented practices for ten weeks and showed up on game days, often arriving early and staying late.  We had enthusiastic concession stand workers, people helping with clean-up, dedicated referees, and volunteers who transported our Awards entertainer to and from the airport.
Thank you for allowing Upward to take place at ACC.  Please be praying for the 27 children who indicated that they trusted in Christ for the first time at the Awards Program.  Also pray that families would come to ACC and grow in their faith as a result.  Hope that you will consider being involved next year!  Check out our season highlight video after both services this Sunday.
Guest Blogger,
Allison Bies