Moving forward / Exciting stuff!

The church is people. It’s all about people connecting people with God and then worshiping and serving him together as we reach more people with the good news of Jesus Christ. I love the people of Arlington Countryside Church and it is so exciting to see you reaching out to your friends, neighbors and co-workers – extending to them the invitation to become a part of our family.
Our building is merely a tool for us to use to do effective ministry. God has blessed us with a great facility and we get a lot of good use out of it! But the truth is – we need more room! We want to continue to grow so that means we need to make room for more! We do not want our building to impede us from fulfilling the mission God has given us.
This week we actively begin our partnership with Church Building Consultants to determine what direction God would have us move with our building and facilities. We are beginning phase one – a feasibility study to determine our needs. This will include assessing our current building, as well as our church and ministry infrastructure and our financial health. This effort will lead us to a sound long-range master plan of the building and property. This plan will be developed as a team effort by an architect, our church consultant and our ACC Building Vision Team.
I’m greatly encouraged by the team we have assembled to tackle these strategic responsibilities. Our Building Vision Team includes: Jim Young (chairman), Jessica Birmingham, Rick Dobrowski, Chris Ide, Jim Ray, Karah Roche, Wes Sunu and myself. Please pray for this team – the work they will be doing will be intense and have long-term implications for all of us!
This is exciting! I am super optimistic and just a little bit scared – but I’m convinced God will be with us and He will provide generously!

4 thoughts on “Moving forward / Exciting stuff!

  1. Erica Kalata

    Amen! We can?t take anything but people with us to heaven!! I?m so excited about the growth of our ACC family and am thankful for the building committee?s commitment of time, energy, and talents. May the Lord bless them and their efforts as they confront this task. I?ll be praying! ~Erica

  2. Karah Roche

    Thanks, Dave! I?m super psyched, too. Thanks for putting out the word for prayer support. This will be hugely important. I can?t wait to see what God is going to do! Save me a chair next to you!!!

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