Monday Randomness

Well folks, let’s do this Monday blog with some random thoughts about life and ministry!
•?Our Building Vision Team had their first meeting last week. We have officially begun are feasibility study – seeking to discern what God would have us do to make room for others at ACC. I’m excited! Each ministry leader is developing a list in regards to our facility – of needs (gotta have), wants (sure would be nice but not a necessity) and dreams (things that would give us great excellence but in no way necessary for an effective ministry). Maybe a hot tub in my office
???•?I’m gearing up to take a 6 week sabbatical that will go from May 9th – June 19th. This will be a time for me to completely unplug from ministry in order to rest and recharge my spiritual batteries. I need it – I am looking forward to it – but I’ve got a lot of work to do between now and May 9th. More details to come…
•?I’m looking forward to a meeting tonight with ACC’s World Outreach Team. We are moving toward raising awareness and interest and support for our missionary families and in developing a strategy for us to make more of an impact world-wide. We are thrilled with our two upcoming short-term mission trips – to Honduras the end of April and to New Orleans the end of June. W.O.T. members include Judy Kristan, Brion Kendzora, Kris Milashus, Lacy Smith and me.
•?My NCAA bracket was horrible this year. I need to do like Adrin Smith and just go with Obama’s picks! So cool though to see Butler and VCU in the final four!
•?I’m preparing for a couple of weeks on the Appalachian Trail this summer – working hard on my legs and lungs, dropping some weight and planning the logistics. Can’t wait!
•?This Friday, April 1st is opening day at Wrigley Field! This is the year – I feel it in my bones – Cubbies all the way!