Ask and you shall receive

Based on an informal survey we did a couple weeks ago. I?m excited to announce a few new things that will be going on here at ACC starting this Sunday.
1 – Can you say Jacuzzitismal? We replaced our baptismal with a hot tub! With baptisms scheduled for mid April, we thought it would be a good time to make this very important upgrade. Now you can get dunked for Jesus and soothe your aching muscles at the same time!
2 – Beach themed auditorium. We removed the pews, trucked in sand, and put up lots of fake palm trees. Bring a blanket and/or a beach chair. We?ll be cranking the heat, so feel free to come in your Sandals (some of us already do this ;)), shorts and a t-shirt.
3 – Valet parking. Our high school students have graciously offered to park your car for you. There will be a team of students eagerly waiting for your keys when you arrive on Sunday morning.