Fun in Lake Geneva

This past weekend the elders and staff got away for our annual 24 hour retreat at Lake Geneva Conference Center in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. Normally we cram in as much work as possible – a real concentrated time of planning, strategizing and prayer.
But this year was different. We felt the need to just have some fun. (After all, fun is an ACC value!) We needed to just hang out and recharge our spiritual and relational batteries. So we had a great dinner together at Sprechers on Lake Geneva’s waterfront. (I recommend their barbecue burger!) We played volleyball. We went for a hike. We played a little ping-pong and snacked on pistachios and cookies and peanut M & M’s.
The highlights of the retreat though were the times we sat around and talked. Friday night we reflected on God’s incredible faithfulness to our church. We swapped stories of all the blessings we have experienced over the last few years. It was a time of heart-felt praise and gratitude. So encouraging! On Saturday morning we got alone on our own for about an hour to read and meditate on I Timothy 3-4. We gathered and sang songs of worship to our God. Then we shared how God spoke to us through his word. We were challenged as leaders to lead by example, to lead ourselves properly before we could ever hope to lead someone else. We were reminded that being is more important than doing. Then we prayed for each other. It was great.
We left for home on Saturday afternoon so very thankful for ACC and for each other. It is such a privilege for me to serve on this team. I can’t imagine working alongside anyone else. These people are my valued co-workers and dear friends. Being part of a ministry team that truly loves God and each other is the best! I am thankful beyond words. I thought you might like to know that!