Make Disciples of All Nations

On this start of a new week I wanted you to hear from a young couple at ACC who have a very exciting and fruitful future. You will love their story. Read on…

Hey ACC! Dave has given us the wonderful privilege of taking over his blog for a day. Needless to say we feel pretty special. Annette and I just wanted to give everyone a mini update on where we think God is leading us this summer and beyond.
Where we?re at:
We feel God is leading us to become long term missionaries with an organization called New Tribes Mission. New Tribes works with un-reached people groups all around the globe and strives to bring them the Gospel in their heart language. To start off NTM training, Annette and I attended a two year bible school in Waukesha, Wisconsin. We both learned so much about Gods word, about ourselves and how we can continue to grow closer to Christ in our daily walk with God. As you probably have guessed that is where we met and fell in love and the rest is history.
Canada Eh
?NTM requires four years of training all together. The first requirement was Bible school and now we have two more years of missionary training in the great north. The land flowing with milk and maple syrup (or as others call it, Canada). The courses include: language learning, phonetics, linguistics, how to study a culture, and all different kinds of hands on, practical learning. One of the things we will do is called “Jungle Camp”. This part of the training requires us to live out in the woods for a whole month! During the month you build your own house and learn a vast array of outdoor survival skills. All this training is to make sure we are fully prepared for the mission field and will hopefully alleviate some of the fears we have about missionary work. We are shooting for starting school at the end of August.??Lord we can?t, but you can!
Without Gods grace and guidance we are nothing. We do not feel worthy of such a task, but we continue to lean on the fact that God is bigger than our worries. He is able to use us regardless of our insufficiencies. Missionary training is another step forward in fulfilling the desires of our heart, which are similar to the apostle Paul?s when he said: “It has always been my ambition to preach the gospel where Christ was not known.” Romans 15:20. Please lift us up in prayer as we continue to make these life changing decisions. Your prayers and support encourage us always and keep us going towards the calling God set before us.
In Christ,??Brion and Annette Kendzora
How great and encouraging is that??!! ACC will have the privilege of being their “sending” church. We hope to have a very long and rewarding partnership with Brion and Annette for many years to come. We want to generously support them financially and with our prayers – beginning now! Go ACC! Go Kendzoras!