Stuff to be Excited About!!!

Five things that have me pumped at ACC:
1.?The four powerful faith stories in our baptism service yesterday. It was so great to hear of the power of Christ to impact the lives of Erika Ray, Emily Schmidt, Jenni Costello and Cathy Elfstrand. Congrats ladies!
2.?In less than two weeks we’ll be sending a team of 12 people to Honduras for a week of medical work and evangelism. It will be life-changing for them – I wish I was going!
3.?Remodeling has begun on the restrooms off of the gym – thanks to your generous donations to our end of year giving project in 2010. This project will be complete by the end of this month.
4.?On May 4th Church Building Consultants will have some preliminary drawings to show to our Building Vision Team – based upon our feasibility study. I’m anxious to see what they come up with.
5.?Our Good Friday and Easter services our going to be a great remembrance and celebration – times of heart-felt worship. I hope you are planning to invite someone to join us on Sunday. Be sure to arrive early – we anticipate a full house! (Remember – if some of you 10:30AM folks could switch to the 9AM just for this week – that would help with our seating space issues – thanks!)

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