Good Friday Reflections

On Good Friday we remember the story of Jesus death. We call it “good” because we know the rest of the story (He didn?t stay dead), but the events of this day are dark indeed. Today, I?ve tried to imagine myself in Christ?s shoes…what was he thinking, what was he feeling? Here are a few of my thoughts??

  • Betrayed – On Thursday night, Judas? found the opportunity he had been looking for and carried out his plan to turn Jesus over to the chief priest.
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  • Let down – Late Thursday night Jesus took His disciples to Gethsemane and asked them to keep watch and to pray…they couldn?t stay awake. Shortly after Jesus was arrested, Peter denied knowing him, not once, but three times.
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  • Grieved - The descriptions of Christ?s “trial” before the Sanhedrin, Herod, and Pilate, his flogging and crucifixion, and the way he was mocked as he hung on the cross, are some of the most heinous displays of sin imaginable. It turns my stomach to think of the depths of human depravity. I imagine Christ was grieved at the falleness of humanity.
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  • Alone - As Jesus hung on the cross, he bore the sin of the world and God the Father abandoned God the Son.┬áThe scriptures tell us that darkness came over the land from about noon to 3pm as Jesus hung on the cross. Scholars believe this darkness is evidence of God pouring out his wrath and judgement of sin.
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??A dark day for sure. May we never forget the costliness of our salvation, and yet remember that the story doesn?t end here. “It?s Friday, but Sunday?s coming!”