The Greener Grass Conspiracy

I started following Stephen Altrogge on Twitter because his tweets made me laugh. When I had the opportunity to get his latest book I jumped at the chance, because I figured – “Hey, if he tweets funny – maybe he writes funny too!”
In The Greener Grass Conspiracy you can easily see his sense of humor but his biblical insight on the topic of contentment is what makes his book worth the read. We are all fooled by the same bogus thinking. It goes like this: IF ONLY. As in, If only I had more money I’d be happy, or if only I could get married I’d be happy or if only I could lose 20 pounds I’d be happy or If only my boss wasn’t an idiot I could be happy or…well, you get the idea.
The problem is NOT our circumstances. Even if we gained our “If onlys” we still wouldn’t be content. Altrogge asserts, “Discontentment is the result of misplaced worship. It’s the result of giving your heart to someone or something that should never have it. When we stake our happiness on anything other than God, we’re going to be miserable. Why? Because we were made to worship God and find all our joy in him.”
The author than goes on with some very practical advice for identifying and destroying our idols – idols that rob of us of our joy and contentment. His chapter on the sin of complaining was dead on and a bit uncomfortable! Bottom line: We must find our contentment in our sovereign, loving God and in him alone.
I think you will be encouraged and challenged by this book! Watch this for more info!