Lessons From the Streets

Tomorrow is a big day for me. I?ll be running my second half marathon. This time last year, I ran my first and loved it. I?ll be running the IL Marathon in Champaign/Urbana again. I?ve improved quite a bit in the past year and should be on pace to finish a full 13-14 minutes faster than my time last year. I?ll post my results in a comment on Saturday or Sunday for those of you who are interested :).
I never thought I would, but I really have come to love running. It?s been quite the journey. About 2 years ago I could hardly run around the block and now I?m preparing to run a full marathon this fall (Chicago). I?ve learned a lot about myself along the way. Here are a few things that stick out…??

  • I?m capable of more than I think. There is an unfortunate voice I deal with on a daily basis that says “you can?t do that,” or “that?s beyond your ability.” I honestly don?t know where it comes from. Perhaps it?s fear of failure or just plain old self-doubt. Wherever it comes from, running has helped me to silence it. I can do it and I?ll never know my true limits unless I try.
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  • I always have time for what I want to have time for. It?s so easy to give the excuse, I?m too busy for _______ . I?m embarrassed to admit that I?ve caught myself displaying this kind of thinking in my relationship with God…I?m too busy to spend time in the word today. FALSE! I?m master of my schedule and I have time for what I want to have time for.
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  • Change is tough, but it?s worth it. The benefits I?ve experienced from running are huge! I?ve lost weight, I?ve got more energy, my blood pressure and cholesterol are down, and I?ve developed some great relationships with men in our church as we?ve spent time pounding the pavement together.
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??My race starts at 7:30am Saturday morning. Wish me luck!

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  1. chris Post author

    Here?s an update. Had a great race this morning. Finished in 1:42:45. That averages out to about a 7:50 mile and a little over 15 minutes faster than my time last year. A big thanks to those of you who emailed, facebooked, or txted me to wish me well!

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