Miscellaneous Thoughts on my Sabbatical

•?My son Micah and I spent some time hiking on the Appalachian Trail – along the Tennessee / North Carolina border. We became better acquainted with hypothermia (scary!), snakes (not as scary), pulled muscles (just me, not Micah), sun burned feet (don’t ask…) and we discovered an awesome little diner in Erwin, TN with the absolute best southern cooking. We had a great time together.
•?To be helpful to my wife Karen I tried to have dinner ready and waiting for her each day that she was working. Alas, while I was on a nice sabbatical – she was not. My menu included bean soup, baked mostaccioli, quesadillas, pizza from Rosati’s and a wide variety of meat thrown onto a hot grill.
•?Went to Wrigley Field and enjoyed watching my Cubbies stomp on the Brewers. Very satisfying.
•?I read a handful of books, including: Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand, all three books in the Hunger Games Trilogy by Suzanne Collins and To the One Who Conquers by Sam Storms. All 5 were excellent reads.
•?I got to have lunch with both of my married daughters and get a personal tour of where they work – Becky as the social services coordinator at Sedgebrook and Emily as a medical writer at Abbott Molecular. It was so cool to see where they spend a lot of their time and meet a few of their co-workers. I am really proud of both of them.
•?It was really a privilege to sit under Chris Modrzejewski’s teaching each week (via podcast) as he worked his way through Matthew 7. Good stuff!
•?I played numerous rounds of disc golf!
•?While on a quick trip to PetSmart I met Steve “Mongo” McMichael – star defensive lineman on the ’85 Super Bowl Bears. It was pretty neat. He actually said to me, and these are his exact words, “Good to meet you bro.” (I sized him up – I think I could have taken him down if I wanted to.)
•?Drove to the Northwest corner of Iowa for my niece’s wedding. Got to see a lot of friends and family that I hadn’t seen in a long time. Nice ceremony. Good food. Really boring drive.
•?My daughter Lacey surprised me by coming home for an entire week! It was so great because she stayed up in Winona (MN) this summer taking summer school classes and working.
•?Time in the Word was primarily focused in Revelation chapters 1-3. I was multi-tasking as it personally fed me spiritually and helped begin prep for an upcoming preaching series at ACC.
•?Whooped my mom in numerous games of Scrabble.
•?Wrapped up my time with a quiet but stellar Father’s Day with my family. (I was a bit melancholy as this was my first Father’s Day without my pops – he died this past October.)
•?The 6 weeks just flew by; I could not believe how fast it was over. On the other hand, it felt like I had been away from ACC for a year!
•?I am grateful to my fellow elders and the people of ACC for graciously granting me this time.
•?Kudos to the ACC staff for picking up my slack while I was gone. They are the best!
•?God restored my mind, spirit and body – the time of rest was badly needed. Now I am so excited to be back in action.