Volunteer Heroes

The storm raced through here like a freight train on Monday morning. I watched in awe from a window here at the church. The wind was driving the rain so hard that I was feeling a mist through the closed window!
It looked and felt like a tornado (one of my life goals is to be an eyewitness to a tornado!) but, alas, there was no funnel. Nevertheless it tore up many of the trees on our church property. Green leaves were stripped off and littering the ground. Huge branches were everywhere; the kind of branches that you need a chainsaw to clear.
That is when our volunteer heroes showed up. Rick Abbott, Adrin Smith and Paul Swan arrived and spent the better part of their day picking up – dragging – cutting branches. In the 90 degree heat. No pay. Very little thanks. (Okay, they did get free Gatorade.) They were indeed very manly men.
I love it! That is the spirit of servanthood. Jesus modeled it. Rick, Adrin and Paul modeled it. He asks us to model it. Numerous people here at ACC model it – including the dozens of volunteers running our Day Camp this week.
The church is the quintessential volunteer organization. Without your generous, sacrificial involvement – we are nothing. So I thank God for every one of you that faithfully volunteers at ACC. All of you rock!
May God continue to increase the number of those committed to humbly serving.??Peace,??Dave??