Deaf Children?

Corlew household. Rewind about 20 years.
“Turn off the TV. Go clean your room.” 5 minutes later. TV still blaring. No movement whatsoever from my four little ankle biters. This time I stick my head in the room and say, “Did you hear me?!”
Now – why did I say that? Did I think my children went deaf? No. Or that I had spoken too softly the first time? No. The reason I asked that question was because my children did not respond appropriately. There was no action – no obedience. The fact is: hearing = obedience. So, “Did you hear me?!” is a call to obedience.
In the letters to the seven churches in Asia Minor as found in Revelation chapters 2 & 3 there is a phrase the Christ repeats in every single letter:
“He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches.”
Jesus would also use this phrase at the end of his parables. He used it as a prophetic warning for them to open their hearts and minds to kingdom truths. In the Scriptures “to hear” means “to obey”. Jesus is urging us to listen up! Do you? Do I
?I’ve never been a great listener. When I was a kid we actually got graded for listening – it was right there on the report card! I often did not get above “C” level! Once I almost didn’t get hired for a job I really wanted because I wasn’t listening well during the hiring interview. A number of times when my marriage with Karen was going through a rough patch it boiled down to me not really listening to her. I’ve had to be very intentional about becoming a decent listener. Listening is hard work.
Being a good listener is important but never more important than in our relationship with God. God still speaks. His Spirit speaks to you and me daily. He desires to graciously counsel us – guide us – instruct us – encourage us – correct us. He is not silent.
The question is: Are we listening? (And remember – a true hearer is a doer.)
P.S. Next Monday I’m going to reflect on some practical ways to listen to God. Be sure to check back in then!??