Not Goodbye, Just See You Later

August always has me saying “See You Later” to students.┬áIt?s the nature of youth ministry, teens don?t stay in high school forever (although some try ;)). This month, our graduates are taking the next step on their journey into adulthood. For many of them, that means moving away to college. For others, it means staying at home and attending a community college, or getting a job. Whatever their next step is, they?ve transitioned out of the youth ministry and into adult ministry. It?s a transition that is so key. The stats are staggering. A large majority of students that regularly attend church through their high school years, leave the church during their college years. (Here?s a link to some great resources on this topic).
As a ministry, we get a short time with them (7 years if we?re lucky and they start in 6th grade). During that time it?s our goal to help them take ownership of their faith. Their faith needs to move from something their family does, to something they do. As they enter these formative college years, it?s our prayer that they would continue to walk with Christ. Please join me in praying that this transition is not “goodbye”, but just “see you later”