Whose Team Are You On?

This past Sunday we showed a video highlighting nine serving ministries at ACC, and challenged people to join a team and serve. This time of year is an exciting one in the church, as ministries start up and our building comes back to life. I love how there is something happening here literally every day of the week!
Our church?s three-pronged approach for each person?s growth is WORSHIP, GROW, and SERVE. That means it is crucial for every ACC attender?s spiritual development to attend church on Sundays (WORSHIP), be involved in a Bible study or growth group (GROW), and get plugged into a serving ministry (SERVE).
1 Corinthians 12:14 says that the body is not made up of one part, but of many. In other words, each person in our church body has unique gifts that they can use to serve the rest of the body.
If you are not already serving in a ministry here at ACC, I challenge you to watch the video below, prayerfully consider where God would have you get involved, and then contact the appropriate ministry leader and get on a team!