New Beginnings

Our youth ministry kicked off a new ministry year this past week. It was so good to be back together. I love this time of year. The students excitement level is off the charts. The incoming students (6th & 9th graders) bring a new energy to the group. The new upperclassmen (8th and 11/12th graders) begin to find their place as the “leaders”. And, we tend to see lots of visitors. On top of that, as we stand at the beginning of the ministry year, there?s so much potential ahead of us. There?s a sense of wonder as I think, “what is God going to do this year in our ministry?” That?s a feeling I know a lot of us have been feeling around here recently. It?s an exciting time to be part of the ACC Family.
If you are interested in keeping up with what?s going on with our youth ministry, I?d encourage you to check out our webpage You can also find us on Facebook: ACC – Pit Stop Middle School Ministry and ACC – Oasis High School Ministry.
If you have a son or daughter in middle school or high school, I?d love to have them join in on the great things going on in our youth ministry. Please let me know if there?s anyway I can help with that.