Happy Birthday!

??My son, Josiah, turned one on Thursday. I can?t believe he?s already a year old. At the same time, it feels like he?s always been a part of our family…I can?t imagine our life without him.
Some of my favorite memories of him this past year:
- The day he was born. The pregnancy was stressful in the end – he was breech for a bit and it was a long labor. None of that mattered as I held him in my arms that day.
- The first time I had him and Rachel on my own. He cried for almost an hour! He?s a Momma?s boy for sure. We?re good now, but he still prefers Mom.
- When he started laughing. He?s got an infectious giggle. He?s such a happy boy and I love watching his personality emerge.
- When he started walking. He?s very mobile now…He?s big, strong, and fearless. We may be looking at a future middle linebacker.
- Watching him DEVOUR his cupcake on his birthday. Rachel nibbles her food…Josiah inhales his. He had cupcake everywhere. So fun!
Fatherhood brings indescribable joy to my life. I?m so thankful for the family God has blessed me with and look forward to many more birthdays together, Lord willing.

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  1. Jenae

    Such a cute picture! And I can?t believe he?s walking now! I can?t wait til I come home and see and to see your family! 2 weeks :)

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