Faith In Action – BE THE CHURCH!

Yesterday we cancelled both of our Sunday morning worship services to hold our 4th annual Faith in Action Sunday. Our t-shirts read: “Don’t go to church! Be the church!” And that is what the morning is all about.
We get busy by: collecting non-perishable food items for the Wheeling Township food pantry – by manning 10 different grocery stores soliciting donations and going door to door at over 1,200 homes surrounding our church. We also helped at the homes of 12 elderly folks needing assistance with basic yard work and household maintenance – most of these referred to us by the township.
I always look forward to this day – it might be my most favorite Sunday of the entire year. Why
?1.?I appreciate our strategic partnership with Wheeling Township. They do a lot of good for a lot of people and they are always looking for more volunteer help. They already have the systems and programs in place – they already have the established clientele – it only makes sense for us to come alongside of them in the name of Christ to help our community. The people on staff there do a great job.??2.?I enjoy walking the neighborhood as we hang over 1,200 door hangers the week prior – to warn the residents that we are coming for their food donation on Sunday morning. First, because I just enjoy walking! Secondly, because I like praying for each home as I approach it and wandering what ACC could do to help reach them with the good news of Christ. ??3.?I love watching the people of ACC serve with such enthusiasm. Whether its walking their legs off to cover their neighborhood zone by noon or by working past noon to get their home project done for the elderly – some even return on Monday or later in the week to finish up!??4.?I love hearing the stories our people tell of the conversations they encounter as a result of their service. People want to know why. The volunteerism often mystifies them! People often express heart-felt appreciation. Occasionally we even get the chance to pray with someone or invite them to church.??5.?I get pumped to see the huge pile of collected food in the corner of the gym on Sunday night. This year we collected over 4,447 food items!??6.?I personally need the reminder that our love and ministry must go beyond the 4 walls of our church. We must be the hands and feet of Christ day in and day out – not just the last Sunday in September!
A big “THANKS” to all of you who served.