I’m a copy cat. Every time the men’s ministry starts reading a book, I run out and get it. I’ve yet to be disappointed at their selection. In the fall, they started reading “King’s Cross”, by Timothy Keller, so in the fall, I started reading “King’s Cross”, by Timothy Keller. I’m not too far along, but so far it is an outstanding book.

One of the sections that really resonated with me is the story of the paralytic being lowered through the roof as Jesus is teaching. The man wanted to be healed – he wanted to walk again. If only he could walk, then his life would be perfect; he would be happy. But what does Jesus’ say to him? “Your sins are forgiven”. Hmmm…probably not what the man really wanted. But Jesus was going deeper. Jesus knew that the man’s inability to walk was not his real problem; his real problem was sin.

How many of us are guilty of this? We live our day-to-day lives with the constant phrase of “if only I had……, then my life would be perfect; then I will be happy”. I used to live this way. I used to look at my circumstances, and think that “if only we had more money, then….”, “if only the girls were older, then….”. But this is not the way to live. Jesus wants us to understand that HE is the way. Yes – He knows what we want, but more importantly, He knows what we need. I’m happy to say that since accepting Christ as my savior and truly following Him, I don’t do this anymore (at least not very often or for very long). I don’t worry about the future; I trust that God has His best intentions for my life. I don’t just sit idly by and let stuff happen to me, but I try to trust in Him and not sweat the small stuff – and most of it is small stuff. And are we really happier when we get what we think we want? I’d argue not necessarily – we just move on to wanting something else.

If you aren’t reading this book, I recommend it. It is not easy living life trusting in yourself – I know – I’ve been there. Turn to Christ. He knows what you need, and although He may not give you the answer that you think you want, He will always give you what you need.