Just What I Needed

Last week Karen and I were able to get away for five days, to a rustic bed-n-breakfast type place about four hours north in Michigan. We were part of a pastor’s spiritual renewal retreat hosted by Broom Tree Ministries. (http://www.broomtreeministries.org/default.aspx)


It was a rare and cherished opportunity to:

  • Escape the TV and cell phone
  • Sleep in
  • Eat a banana split every night at 8:30PM (I had to – a tradition of this place!)
  • Have a full day ahead of me without a single meeting, deadline, or obligation
  • Leisurely pray and read God’s word – without preparing for a sermon
  • Watch a hilarious marriage seminar on DVD
  • Enjoy delicious coffee in a small town coffee shop
  • Hang out with other ministry couples from backgrounds and settings very different from my own
  • Not have to take my dogs out to poop 3-5 times per day – then have to pick it up (I love my dogs, but not that!)
  • Take a nap
  • Walk through the woods
  • Pray aimlessly
  • Share a heavy burden with the retreat facilitators (Listening ears + wise counsel = lightened load!)
  • Spend massive, glorious amounts of time with my beautiful wife of 30+ years


I am grateful beyond words. I feel good. I even look good (if you squint pretty hard). I am rested, restored, and ready to continue serving the kingdom of God.


It was a very good week.