Every one of you who is a follower of Christ has had one in your life.


Someone who was instrumental in bringing you to Christ. Loving you. Talking to you.  Living out their faith as an example to you. A witness.


Mine was Sandy Koop. She was a lady in my neighborhood when I was a kid who hosted a backyard bible club. Kool-Aid. Cookies. Singing. Flannel graph bible stories. She told me the good news about Jesus dying for me. I prayed with her to put my faith in Christ. She helped me cross the line of faith.


She was my witness.


Who was yours? Who helped you cross the line of faith? Who was your witness?




One thought on “WITNESS

  1. Erica Kalata

    Fortunately, so many in my life were witnesses to me. People in my home church growing up, Karl & Barb Marshall, Bill and Deanie Clark, Erich Keller – youth minister, Marion Pate, Pat Padgett, and in my family, namely my mom and dad, invested time and energy in me and others for Christ. Other people, who I don’t even know now, who served at Christian summer camps, had a huge influence on my spiritual journey. I wish I knew who they were now to go back and thank them! Regardless, it gives me encouragement to invest in the lives of others whether I see the impact or not.

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