Sometimes when an opportunity drops into my lap – I just have to see it as a call from God!


Last fall Brian Killins (a dear friend of ACC and a missionary to Bogotá, Colombia that ACC sent out about 30 years ago) visited our church on a Sunday morning. After the service he approached me about the possibility of coming to Bogotá to speak to his churches there. I took time to pray about it – talked about it with my wife Karen – and then decided to take a step of faith and say “yes”!


This Friday, February 3rd I fly out of O’Hare and will return on Monday, February 13th.


I will be speaking on various topics, in a variety of settings, but mainly teaching a series from Matthew 5 on Authentic Spirituality each Sunday and every week night in-between. On the first Saturday I will be speaking at a youth conference from the book of James (my favorite!). God has given me the opportunity to give about 16 sermons while there.


I am very grateful that my friend (and chairman of our elder team) Ray Demich will be coming with me on this trip. Ray will be doing some teaching on stewardship and finances, and sharing his own faith story.


We will have a lot of great fellowship with our Colombian brothers and sisters in Christ. We are anticipating learning as much from them as they do from us. We are praying that God uses us but also that he stretches, teaches, convicts, blesses and grows us as He pleases.


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Please pray for us while we are gone. Pray for safe travel. Pray for health and stamina. Pray that we might be an encouragement to Brian and his wife Sheran, and all the believers in Bogotá – and that some of their friends and family would cross the line of faith. Pray that the gospel would be proclaimed clearly and boldly. Pray we can find some good deals on coffee to bring home with us!


This is going to be awesome!





P.S. Be sure to pray for the guys preaching at ACC in my absence – Scott Williams on February 5th and Chris Modrzejewski on February 12th. They will be continuing our series in the book of Acts. Thanks!

2 thoughts on “COLOMBIA BOUND!

  1. Cynthia

    May God bless you hugely on this trip. May you be a blessing to the Killins and their church plants, but may you also find abundant blessings in the wonder of connecting with people in a completely different culture — and finding they’re brothers and sisters. I pray that God grants you many special connections, encounters, and treats as you travel, and brings you home safely.

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