My Rant about Complaining

Please forgive my hypocrisy for two minutes while I complain about complaining.


People who always complain drive me nuts (yes, it’s a short drive, I know.) Especially people who whine on Facebook or Twitter -  about their headache, their stubbed toe, their annoying neighbor, their sucky boss, their financial problems, their misplaced phone, their flat tire, their cat’s hairballs, etc.


Its one thing to occasionally privately vent to a friend or to express a personal need in order to receive some prayer or encouragement but to bellyache as a regular habit, especially on a social network, is really a bad idea. For a lot of different reasons…


  1. Your negativity pulls down your friends.
  2. It actually drives people away from interacting with you – they do not need another downer in their day.
  3. You pull yourself down. Words are powerful. You reinforce your own pessimism and negative focus – and the downward spiral begins…
  4. You develop a rep as a whiner. Is that really how you want to be remembered?
  5. You misrepresent your Heavenly Father as being neglectful or abusive. Is he really not taking care of you? Is your life really outside of his control and blessing?
  6. Being a complainer and being thankful are mutually exclusive. Which one does God call you to be?
  7. Is it a habit that is pleasing to God?


Don’t take this someplace that I am not going! I’m not talking about being inauthentic by pretending that everything is peachy when it is not. I’m also not talking about being stoically silent while your world collapses and nobody even knows. I’m talking about making the negative your focus, of feeling the need to tell even your pettiest problems to virtually anyone who will listen (or read).


Chronic complaining is a mindset, an attitude, a tone. Sometimes it’s not even so much what you say, but rather how you say it.


Let’s face it. Whining and complaining can easily become a bad habit – just like smoking, biting your nails, overeating or watching Glee. (Just kidding Gleeks – so settle down!)


There. My little rant is over. I’ll stop complaining about complaining now.


“Do everything without complaining…” Philippians 2:14


What do you think? Do you agree with me? Or do you think I’m being too harsh?




6 thoughts on “My Rant about Complaining

  1. Anamite

    AWESOME~ Someone struck a nerve somewhere? There is no hypocrisy. You are ENLIGHTENING (positivity.. oops Buddhism) us with your thoughts and knowledge of what happens when people complain. ““Do everything without complaining…” Philippians 2:14″ THIS IS BEAUTIFUL!

    1. dave Post author

      No, that’s not complaining – just anal! But the grammar police are still helpful members of society!

  2. Lacy

    I agree with you, Dave. I also have found that for every thing we can find to whine about there are many things we can find to be thankful for. It all comes down to how we view (and demonstrate our view by how we talk) God. Do we really believe He is good and loving? Then we will choose to see His blessings in our lives in the midst of and sometimes because of the bad stuff that happens. My two cents…

    1. dave Post author

      Agreed Lacy. Our view of God will radically influence how we “interpret” our circumstances.

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