5 Reasons Why I Love Upward Basketball

  1. It is strategic. Mix kids and sports and BOOM! – people are all about it.
  2. It develops leaders. Many get involved and are stretched – maybe having never coached before, or reffed, or given devotions. But they try it, find they can do it, and get better at it and BOOM! – growth happens as a Christian and as a leader.
  3. It relies on prayer. The weekly prayer email to the prayer team reminds us that we have supernatural goals that require supernatural resources.
  4. It is a ton of fun.  The energy level is high – lots of cheering, screaming, clapping. The players are having a blast – week after week!
  5. It introduces people to Jesus. It all points to him. It is about a relationship – not about rules or rituals or religion. Jesus loves you enough to die for you – the best news ever and Upward is all about delivering that message.


Just a few weeks left in the season. Please pray for our upcoming closing program on Sunday afternoon, March 18th. Pray that the seed of the gospel would be planted in many hearts and that some would even cross the line of faith that day! I thank God for Allison Bies, Upward director,  and her awesome team of workers. Upward rocks!




One thought on “5 Reasons Why I Love Upward Basketball

  1. Dawn Anama

    I have to say Kristen and I have really bonded with our squad this year. I look forward to spending my Friday evening with them and will miss them when the season is over. Two of the girls I had when I first starting coaching cheerleading 3 years ago. It has been so much fun watching them grow and getting to know their parents.

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