My Favorite Team

Authentic. Funny. Insightful. Faithful. Dedicated. Reliable. Grace-filled. Wise. Fun. Humble.


The first ten adjectives that came to mind (in no particular order) when thinking of our ACC leadership team.


Elders – Ray Demich, Ken Kerr, Jim Johnson, Jim Ray, (Mark Birmingham is in the confirmation process).


Staff – Kris Milashus, Chris Modrzejewski, Scott Williams, and Jim Young.


It is such a blast working along-side of them. I respect each one of them. I see each as God’s strategic gift to our church and to me!


This past Friday night / Saturday we were on our annual retreat up in Lake Geneva. Our focus was on self-leadership; the idea that before you can effectively lead someone else you must be able to lead yourself. We each feel undeserving of our leadership roles but also believe that our sufficiency is found in God – not ourselves. We spent quality time evaluating our spiritual health and our fitness as leaders. We were very open and honest with each other. We listened, gave feedback and prayed. It was sweet. I walked away so grateful for our team.


Just wanted to go public and say in no uncertain terms: 1) I love these people. 2) It is such an honor to be their co-worker and 3) I thank God for them.


ACC is so blessed by quality leadership. Please join me in praying regularly for our leaders; encourage them and express appreciation.