When Are We Getting Started?

I can’t wait until groundbreaking…. when actual construction work begins… when tradesmen and trucks and noise fill this place. That is when it seems real… when our Growing Together hopes and dreams become tangible. That day will be exciting.


So, when do we get started?


All along we have said that the date of groundbreaking depends primarily on two things: Financing and the Village of Arlington Heights plan commission. Let me give you a brief update…


First, the financing. Our elders, Operations Task Force and trustees recently met to prayerfully consider two different loan proposals. We decided to go with Village Bank of Arlington Heights. This construction loan is now in the process of becoming official so we have the needed funds.


Secondly, our work with the village plan commission. We have hit a few unexpected snags – nothing major or highly unusual – it’s all a part of the laborious process of getting the numerous necessary approvals. At this point we anticipate actually being able to break ground in the fall – at the earliest.


In the meantime we have received to date – just over $200,000 in Growing Together donations. Thanks so much for your generosity. Your faithfulness is so encouraging and God honoring.


Let me give you a few things to pray about:

  • That our loan would be finalized and officially approved soon.
  • That our work with the plan commission would be as smooth as possible.
  • That Church Building Consultants would have great skill and wisdom as they work with the plan commission and as they continue to develop our building plans.
  • That we could receive great (Low!) bids from the various sub-contractors.
  • That we would break ground in God’s perfect timing – not a day too soon or too late!
  • For Jim Young and our Building Vision team.
  • That Growing Together pledges would continue to be met in a most generous way.


Thanks for your interest and thanks for praying!