Easter Everyday

Everyday for about the last week, my 3 year old daughter has asked me, “Daddy, is it Easter day?” Her question is cute and makes me smile, but it also makes me think…what would it look like to celebrate Easter every day? Stated another way, what does it look like to live everyday in light of the resurrection¬†of our Lord and Savior.

The¬†Resurrection changed everything! We see how drastically it impacted the disciples in the book of Acts. Paul even says that without the resurrection, Christianity doesn’t make sense (I Corinthians 15:14-19).

Easter is great. I’m so glad that as a church we do celebrate the Resurrection, but the reality is we should celebrate it everyday. Through the resurrection we have new life. Christ’s death purchased the forgiveness of our sins. His resurrection gives us the power to overcome sin and death. Not only is our eternal destiny secure, the quality of our life in this world is improved. Through Christ’s death and resurrection, we get to spend eternity in heaven AND we can experience the best possible life here and now.

As Easter draws near, I’d encourage you to take some time to read Romans 6:1-14 and reflect on the impact of the resurrection on your daily life.