Pretty much everybody knows what prayer is. It’s talking to God.


Yet most of us find it hard to do. Very few Christ followers that I know feel like they pray as much as they should. We feel guilty. We feel weird praying with others. Often our prayers seemingly are unanswered and that confuses us.


This coming Sunday I’ll be starting a 4 week teaching series: PRAY.


We’ll be looking at what the bible teaches about prayer.


I want to be sure to answer the questions that are on your mind about prayer. Please do me a huge favor. Leave a comment sharing any questions you might have about prayer. This will be a big help in my preparation process.


If you’d rather not post your question publicly – feel free to email me. Thanks!




6 thoughts on “PRAY

  1. Vickie Kerr

    So, if God knows our heart, needs and desires, why do we still need to ask for things in prayer?

  2. Jeannie

    I pray but it’s more like a conversation I have with God all day long. I’m extremely scared of public speaking which in turns makes praying in a group almost impossible. I have no problem talking to God in my own way and when I have request for things in my life I just discuss things out with Him. But to ask others to pray for me sounds selfish and then I never think my situation is as bad as others. I listen to others pray but I don’t seem to remember how to sign off.

  3. Allison

    I struggle when I pray for someone’s salvation and do not see results. I wonder why God does not answer those prayers- and quickly!

    I like listening to other people pray aloud. It strengthens my own prayer life since I learn alternate ways to phrase things. Praying individually and aloud have their own challenges, and both methods should be continually developed in the lives of growing Christians. I feel encouraged and experience increased unity when I pray with others as we thank and make requests of God in unison.

  4. Geanine

    I have a problem asking God for anything for myself. I think I’m being selfish or that I have all he thinks I need. I have no problem praying for family,friends, or strangers but I have a hard time praying for me. I think it’s because I always feel like I should be doing more for him and shouldn’t be asking him for more. I know I’m wrong but can’t get over that hump.

  5. Q Dawg

    Q’s that I’ve heard and some that I’ve dealt with in small group and other situations.
    When should you pray?
    Is there any place or time you shouldn’t pray?
    What should and shouldn’t you pray for?
    How should you pray?
    Do more prayers or people praying have a greater affect?
    Do certain people have more clout with praying?
    What are all the purposes of prayer?

    I have plenty of great and off the wall crazy answers for all of these, we should sit and laugh sometime!!!

  6. Papa

    Who should I pray for??

    I try to make it a point to get down on my knees and pray out loud in my bedroom with the lights off before I go to bed each night. I pray for myself because I am a sinner and I want healing from my sinful nature. I pray for others especially for ones that I love and have a sour realtionship.

    But then I think about the girl in Peru we sponsor, and the people in Honduras who struggle and need to fight to live each day. Those who struggle just to find their next meal. These people I pray for sometimes.

    And I end up mostly praying for myself and my inner struggles. Am I selfish for doing this?

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