Building Excitement

As we proceed with our Growing Together project there are many pieces that need to fall into place at just the right time. However the two main pieces are the financing and the village approval.

A couple months ago we were very excited about a loan offer we had received from Village Bank of Arlington Heights.  At that time the loan still needed to go through the different steps of bank approval. During this approval process I’d get emails and phone calls asking for little bits of additional information that they needed.  Each time we’d move one step further down the approval process.  However, recently I got the phone call that we had been waiting for…  The loan has been officially approved.  This is great news!

At the same time Church Building Consultants (CBC) has continued to move forward with many different pieces.  As a design build firm they are continuing to refine the architectural drawings,  representing us during the village approval process and have started to receive bids from different subcontractors for us to choose from.  They are doing so much and have been great to work with.

Over time I have had the chance to get to know several members of the CBC team.  Each one of them plays a different role in the project but they are all dedicated to helping make sure that this project is a success.  In addition, each week at their staff meeting they take time to pray for our project, our people, and the exciting life-change that is happening here.

Now that financing is lined up we need to continue to pray for the village approval process.  CBC has been working diligently with the village and has come back with some encouraging news. The village has recently expressed a willingness to allow us to overlap some of the approval steps.  This will allowing us to start the project sooner than if we were required to do them each separately.  So being able to start this fall is seeming very realistic.

Please continue to pray for all that is involved in this project coming together.  Some specific ideas to pray about:

  • That village approval will continue to move forward favorably
  • For our Building Vision Team
  • For each of the team members from CBC as they work on their part of the project
  • That Growing Together pledges would continue to come in faithfully
  • For great (low) bids from subcontractors
  • Praise for the loan being approved

Keep checking back for more updates and things to be praying about.