I’m Back!

Tuesday, 5/22 was my first day back in the office. I had a great sabbatical and I’m excited to be back. I’m feeling refreshed and ready for the next season of ministry that God has for me here at ACC.

In case you’re curious, here’s how I spent my time off:

Week 1: Time at home trying to disconnect and mentally settle into sabbatical. Lots of time with my family, reading, and long workouts. Highlights: dinner with a friend and observing his junior high youth group in action. Getting stranded on a long bike ride after 2 flat tires. Lisa and the kids had to come pick me up…it’s funny now, but wasn’t at the time. Trip to the Kohl’s Children’s Museum.

Week 2: Trip to┬áTennessee to visit my grandparents with a stop in Champaign, IL on the way home to visit my brother and his wife and run a half marathon. Highlights: Watching my grandparents enjoy time with my kids. Visiting places I remember from childhood. Seeing my brother’s new house. Setting a new personal record at the half marathon distance. Watching my wife (Lisa) complete her first half marathon.

Fishing at Grandpa's

Teaching the kids to fish. This was shortly after a big fish stole the bait and hook and got away! :)

Week 3: At home sick with Influenza (actual flu, not the “stomach flu”) :(. Josiah got sick at the end of our trip to Tennessee, I came down with it right after we got home, and Rachel got it a few days later. We didn’t realize it was the flu until I got it. It was nasty. I was pretty much in bed for 5 days. Kids bounced back a little faster than I did and Lisa managed to avoid it (she thinks she had it a month or so earlier). Not really a highlight for this week…

Week 4: Trip to Colorado to visit some college friends. We flew into Denver and then made the 4+ hour drive through the mountains to Gunnison, CO. Highlights: Being in the mountains! Catching up with some good friends. A couple family hikes. Mountain biking. Spending an afternoon exploring the town of Crested Butte. Raft ride down the Gunnison River (mainly just a float trip, but there were a couple rapids at the end).

Hiking at Hartman Rock

Hiking at Hartman Rock Recreation Area in Gunnison.

Week 5: Time at home to settle back in and then a weekend away for our anniversary. My mother-in-law was nice enough to take the kids for the weekend so that Lisa and I could get a couple days to ourselves for our anniversary (first time in 2 years!). It was the perfect way to end my sabbatical. Highlights: Lots of long workouts and time to read. A weekend of uninterrupted sleep, time to spend with my wife, and not having to clean kids up after meals.


I’ll be preaching on June 3rd about “What I Learned on Sabbatical”. I hope you’ll join us.





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  1. Ilene Garnett

    Hi Folks. It was great reading about your Sabbatical. Sorry that you had to have the illness. Glad that you are back to normal and will ba back at ACC. You were missed. Look forward to your service .

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